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Payne’s Trailers of Canisteo, NY, sells high-quality animal feed. We own and operate our own family farm and have extensive experience with farm animals and their day-to-day needs. Let our experienced staff help you select the right feed for your animals.

In 2009, Barry Payne saw a need to help local residents. After careful consideration, Payne’s Trailers decided to expand and offer Blue Seal Feeds to customers.

Barry has always enjoyed all the aspects of the farm, and he still works on his family farm. Barry and his family have approximately 50 Tarentaise beef cattle. Tarentaise are a French breed of cows, which Barry’s daughter, Deanna, shows at the local county fair.

Blue Seal Feeds

Blue Seal Feeds began in 1868 at small grist mill in Lawrence, MA, and since has become one of the largest feed manufacturing companies in the Northeast. In 1988, Blue Seal Feeds was acquired by a predecessor of Kent Corporation to expand its reach with animal feed products from the Midwest to the East Coast.

Blue Seal Feeds since has expanded its product line to include a focus on growing the By Nature brand dog and cat food line. In 2008, the company acquired I. L. Richer, a manufacturer of dairy-feed products and services to the central and eastern New York market. It also acquired United Co-operative Farmers, a manufacturer and distributor of dairy, poultry, and livestock feed in upper New England. Blue Seal provides unsurpassed nutritional expertise, high-quality manufacturing, efficient distribution, and superior service to ensure the success of its customers.

In 2010, Blue Seal Feeds joined with Kent Feeds Inc. to form the Kent Nutrition Group-Feed Division, focused on serving commercial livestock producers, equine, and small-pet owners, and country lifestyle enthusiasts.

At Payne’s Trailers, we offer a great selection of Blue Seal Feeds products, as well as selections from:

If you have any questions or comments, please call us at
(607) 698-2487, or drop us an e-mail.


Payne's Trailers
Payne's Trailers
Payne's Trailers
Payne's Trailers
Payne's Trailers
Payne's Trailers


Why chose CRYSTALYX?

Payne's Trailers

It All Adds Up to Results by the Barrel®

  • Consistent intake
  • Convenient, labor-saving delivery
  • Multiple formulas
  • Effective & cost-efficient
  • Continuous research
  • Uncompromising safety and quality assurance
  • Manufactured by a strong, innovative industry leader – Ridley, Inc.

It's All About Consistency and Intake

  • The CRYSTALYX® manufacturing process provides product consistency and intake quality – your cattle consume the same amount, from barrel to barrel.
  • The naturally self-limiting formula pulls moisture from the air to soften the layers at the top of the barrel. When cattle consume it, only so much can be softened for them to eat.
  • Because of their manufacturing process, other low-moisture blocks contain more moisture, which allows cows to consume it at a faster rate.
  • Suddenly that “cheaper” option ends up costing you much more.

Reasons CRYSTALYX® is the Leader

  • The Highest Quality Manufacturing Process
  • Unmatched Food Safety and Quality Control
  • Environmentally Responsible Leadership
  • Specific Formulas for Specific Situations
    • CRYSTALYX® has outlined a new method of categorizing our supplements in an “Economy”, “Balanced” and “Premium” product offering. View our CRYSTALYX® LineUP to help you find the right supplement for your operation.
  • Profitable Return on Investment
    • Evaluate the total cost of your supplement program with the free CRYSTAL CLEAR ECONOMYX® software to see the benefit to your operation.
Payne's Trailers
Payne's Trailers
Payne's Trailers

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