Authorized FISHER Snow Plow installer

We sell and service plows for all makes and models of trucks.

  • HT SERIES - Engineered for today’s half-ton trucks, providing all the features you expect from FISHER in a standard-duty snowplow. The HT Series features Fisher ’s Minute Mount® 2 On/Off system, INTENSIFIRE™ halogen headlamps and the original Fisher trip edge design.
  • HOMESTEADER - Make the most of your vehicles with the personal use snowplow for today's light trucks & SUV's. Weighing as little as 250lbs., there's no worry about overloading your front end, like with heavier plows.
  • SD SERIES - Ideal for homeowners and non-commercial plowing situations, the FISHER Standard Duty Series snowplows are specifically designed for compact and light 1/2 ton trucks as well as some sport-utility vehicles.
  • HD SERIES - Built for the business of snowplowing, the rugged FISHER HD Series snowplows will withstand the rigors of any and all commercial applications.
  • MC SERIES - Vehicles in the 17,000-27,500 GVW range used by municipalities and contractors in non-winter months - serious plowing equipment when the snow starts to fly.


When you're out in the elements, you want a quality snowplow that won't let you down. You want a FISHER.


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(607) 698-2487, or drop by to discuss it with our experts!

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